Daily Paper and Soulection join forces

Amsterdam based clothing label Daily Paper teams up with record label Soulection on a collaborative jacket release. The two collectives recreated the timeless coach jacket silhouette in black and white to their own preferences. The jackets are limited to 100 pieces per colour and will exclusively be available via Baskéts and Daily Paper’s online store on Friday the 8th of May.

Both Daily Paper and Soulection aim to inspire and foster an environment that values creativity, hard work and vision. The Amsterdam based design studio continues to showcase their affinity with music like they do with their Soundcloud channel. The waterproof windbreakers that have been developed for this collaboration are made out premium nylon and are finished with silver buttons and bold graphics. The photos have been taken by photographer Marnix Postma and features models Jiri Taihattu and Jarreau Vandal.

DP_X_Soulection-8267_Flat DP_X_Soulection-8122_Flat

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