Spoiled is back…

Not as a shop, but as an apparel label¬†designed in Oslo and created in ¬†Amsterdam. It’s founders Thom van Erp and Lars Tibben, found a mutual drive to create a brand of their own, inspired by the leading fashion cities they have visited over the last couple of years. Both working in the field of fashion the demand for high-end clothing, appreciation for fabric and bold statements soon became very clear to them. Finding this mutual understanding and love for apparel leads the way to Amsterdam based SPOILED.

SPOILED challenges todays fashion industry of overconsumption. Proving that being SPOILED in 2017 means being able to find high-quality, simple and comfortable pieces through all the millions of cheap and low quality options. Young, trendy and sophisticated guys are not only ready for a new look but also for a brand that understands this frustration. SPOILED offers fashion forward pieces with a bold statement for smart (looking) guys that don’t feel understood by the mainstream.

The small but fine collection exists out of sweat fabric pleated trousers, basic t-shirt with the perfect fit, a logo embroidered sweater and finally a bomber jacket with back printed logo. Pushing for brand awareness was a strategic choice, as the Amsterdam based brand was once known as one of the first concept stores of the city. Pushing the brand name in their first collection brings back name recognition uplifting the group of loyal supporters the SPOILED gained over the years.

To spoil you with these exclusives they have chosen to launch the first capsule collection consisting of four styles. This collection will be sold exclusively at leading stores in The Netherlands and online at www.spoiled.nl.

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