Game of Tennis

Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg has orchestrated a ten
nis match on the U.S. – Mexican border with one player on each side of the border, half
the tennis court on Mexican soil and the other half on US soil. Borg Open – Tennis across Borders – is an initiative intended to manifest an open world in which sport has the power to unite people.
The world of today is full of conflicts and rivalry that lead to frustration, causingpeople and nations to build walls between each other. But rivalry can also besomething good. After all, a rival pushes you to perform better and often brings out the best of you. So, why build walls, when we could get to know
and learn from one another instead? That ’s why Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg has manifested a tennis match on the U.S. – Mexican border, at Tijuana River, where a game has been played between tennis players Mariano Argote (MX) and Peter Clemente (US).

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