Seven Years Jimmy Woo

I remember when I first set foot in Jimmy Woo seven years ago, it was new, young, fresh and very international. Now, it is still one of the most popular hotspots in Amsterdam. After a re-design by renowned interior decorator Eric Kuster, the new Jimmy Woo is ready to go. I really like the edgy and dark vibe it has with all the skeletons. Last weekend I was at the celebration of Jimmy Woo’s seventh birthday. During the event the new Bols Genever Bottle was presented to the cast of the new Dutch comedy New Kidz. I actually¬† don’t like Dutch movies with Dutch humor in it, but I just couldn’t stop laughing after seeing the trailer of this film… Especially the Jody Bernal part. Well, congratulations to Casper Reinders and his new and improved Jimmy Woo and Bols with the new (big) genever bottle.

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