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Finally a new ‘Profile’! Meet the design director at DENHAM, Liam Maher, already one of the most inspiring people I’ve met this year. Before mister Maher started working at DENHAM, he worked on some major projects! His background included mainstream credentials such as global creative director roles at The Timberland Company and Burton Snowboards as well as more specialist activity such as creative consulting and collaborative projects with international design studios like those of Art Comes First, Visvim, A Child of the Jago, Ozwald Boateng, Confederate Motorcycles as well as his own Young Meagher & The Militant Guild or Rural Tailors project.

Name: Liam Maher
Profession: Design Director @ DENHAM
Hotspot: Eye Bar Restaurant
Best Buy: 1930’s Tear & Repair Wool Trousers (a gift from Danilo Ceri in Florence)
Worst Buy: 1930’s Tear & Repair Wool Trousers (the deal was: if I could fix ’em – I could take ’em)
Saving Money for: Trolling for vintage in Savannah Georgia with my wife.
Favorite Brand: Besides Denham!?  – Let’s say Sinn Spezialuhren
Favorite Store: Huis A. Boon in Antwerp
Favorite Song: Let’s Push Things Forward – The Streets
Last received Text message: “I think we need a new wifi box :(“In 5 years I am: Hopefully as curious as I am now.
Quote: “Mystery generates curiosity. Curiosity demands investigation. Investigation leads to discovery. Discovery feels like wonder”

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