The best Samsung yet

I have been an Android smartphone user for years and got my first Samsung phone when I was sixteen. Through the years I have been experimenting with different brands and systems but always went back to Samsung. Last week I was invited to the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in London and it might/is de best device yet. It takes a load of the features that made the Galaxy S7 so special, like the curved display from the Edge, and adds in the S-Pen and a super clear new HDR display.

The Note7 has the same internal specs as this year’s Galaxy 7 and S7 Edge. Similarly, the Note7′s camera is the same as the Galaxy 7 and the S7 Edge, with a 12-megapixel, DualPixel camera. But most impressively, Samsung has integrated an iris scanner into this phone for extra protection of all the content you have stored on your phone. With the special scrapbook function and S-Pen you can work on your diary and never forget the things you want to remember. Check out the things I’ve shot and made during the press trip in London.

The Galaxy Note7 will hit the stores on September 2nd.

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