George Deli U.S.A

The latest hotspot in town is probably George Deli U.S.A. Last thursday the latest George addition (there is also a Café George and a restaurant called George W.P.A.) opened its doors at the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam (above MARQT). The George Deli U.S.A. brings a mix of all-time classics like mac & cheese, club sandwich and the famous tuna pizza. In addition, different typical French dishes such as seafood, meats and oeufs à la coque are also on the menu next to coffees to-go, wines and champagne. A great place to have lunch or early dinner after doing groceries at MARQT or some shopping at Utrechtsestraat.

Check out the pictures of the opening

Some guests: The Digitalistas, Karlijn Visser, Spice PR ladies, Bastiaan van Schaik, Miriana Verkerk, Dieter de Cock, Edwin Goudens van den Handel, Jade Lew…

Pictures: Liza van Duyn

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  1. Leonard vd Brink

    Ik ben benieuwd in hoeverre ze de franchise gaan uitbreiden, zo gaat de lol er toch ook van af!