Profile: Maurice

Name: Maurice Seleky
Age: 28
Profession: Writer & PR Consultant at Coebergh Communicatie & PR
Hotspot: Weber/401/Lux in Amsterdam
Best buy ever: My vintage black dress uniform jacket of the U.S. Marine Corps
Worst buy ever: My first iPod (only lived for a year)
I’m saving money for: A trip to the moon
Favorite brand: Moleskine
Favorite store: Zipper en Episode in Amsterdam
In 5 years I am: A better writer
Last received text message: ‘I really got to return some videotapes…’
Quote: ‘An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmaster of ever afterwards.’ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Watch – Mondaine . Black sunglasses – Ray-Ban Wayfarer . Black tie – Christian Dior . Sneakers – Vans & Converse Allstars . Black poloshirt – Fred Perry . Red t-shirt – Vans . Limited edition Ego Faber t-shirt . Red tie – Duffer of St. George . Black trenchcoat – Zara . Vintage black leather jacket – Episode . Black dress uniform jacket of U.S. Marine Corps – Zipper . White shirt – H&M . Cigarettes – Marlboro

Maurice Seleky’s debut novel ‘EGO FABER’ is out now.

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