Profile: Liza Chloë

Name: Liza Chloë van Duyn
Age: 22 years old
Profession: Photographer/Columnist/Fashion Student
Hotspot: Cafe George, Buffet van Odette (recommended: meatball sandwich with pickles, think I’ll get one now)
Best buy ever: My orange Louis Vuitton by Stephen Sprouse speedy
Worst buy ever: Hammerpants with blue and purple glitters (strange things happen in Ibiza)
I’m saving money for: a summer roadtrip to Italy
Favorite fashion brand: Chloé (no not because of my second name)Favorite store: Atheneum bookstore in Amsterdam
Favorite movie: Where the wild things are
5 years I am: a pink unicorn
Last received text message: (text message? How old skool) – Kom je film kijken? Vanaf 20u. Love me if you dare. X
Quote: “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

Boots – Dr Martens . Legging – Urban Outfitters . Dress – ZARA . Sunglasses – Lanvin by H&M . Shoes – Converse . Pants – Stella McCartney . Shirt – See by Chloe . Wedges – Miu Miu . Chino – ZARA . Handbag – Louis Vuitton by Stephen Sprouse speedy . Sailor shirt – H&M . Oversized blazer – ZARA

Liza has her own blog… check it out here.


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  1. cylia

    wat een super leuk idee! leuk meisje:) je hebt trouwens echt een coole en hippe blog/website:) echt mooi gedaan allemaal! complimenten.