Cold Method… The Guests

I took so many pictures during the Cold Method fashion show, I had to split it in to two separate posts ;). Of course I had a great time catching up with people and recapping the show. Check out all the fashionable guests celebrating Dieter de Cock’s designs…

Pic1: Football player Evgeniy Levchenko and me
Pic2: Me, my sister Denise, Farah, GJ and Esther Muller
Pic3: Model Thomas and his friend Sascha
Pic4: My sister Denise with Dieter de Cock
Pic5: Morris, Sabrina from, Spice PR‘s Claire and Farah
Pic6: New model Teun
Pic7: Guests
Pic8: Band Valerius (they provided the show with music) and Dieter
Pic9: Some Cold Method models
Pic10: Mo Anwar and Esther Muller
Pic11: Mykromag‘s Victor
Pic12: Evgeniy Levchenko and Dieter
Pic13: Sonny Groo (he and his creative team styled the show)
Pic14: Denise, Thomas, Sascha and Farah
Pic15: Mykromag’s Edwin and Mo Anwar
Pic16: Guest, Victor, Farah and Melvin

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