Heineken Legends

You have to check out this new Heineken video…The Date’ is the next installment of the Heineken Legends campaign. It follows hot on the heels of the brand’s highly successful ‘Entrance’ campaign, which you’ll remember seeing at the end of last year.  ‘The Date’ follows the Heineken legend as he woos his girl on an epic date.  We see the pair enter a restaurant-cum-theatre via a secret entrance known only to the legend, kicking off a series of encounters between the duo and a cast of colourful characters.


We see our hero save his girl from a near accident leaving the kitchen, only to impress her with his eel-taming skills as they stumble past an aquarium. They encounter a magician whose tricks are outdone by the legend’s clever riposte with a Heineken bottle, only to find themselves running a gauntlet of envious showgirls, and being pursued by an overzealous Chinese dragon.

They land on their feet though, and kick off a dance in the main hall of the venue, where the legend demonstrates his unique dance skills, all the while clearly impressing his date, who is twirled dramatically into a waiting chair. The pair finally seals their romance with a clink of Heineken bottles. The music is a 60’s Bollywood track, which creates an atmosphere reminiscent of memorable nights out, and serves as a fitting backdrop for this legendary date.

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