WOWWWWW…. I just got back from the tv studio where they aired the pilot of the Truman Show…The tv-show where I got punked!!! What an experience. The show is all about finding out all sorts of information from a social media addict and prank them! They fooled me good. The show was created by Rik van der Linden and Roeland de Bruïne for tv-format TVLAB. I was at the studio when they aired the show and I went NUTS!!!! It’s freakin’ crazy to see your own big head on tv and not knowing you’re being followed by two camera teams for two days!!! It’s Sick but I loved the show. It really shows what can happen when you put your shit on social media. Well If you missed this episode you can watch it again on Friday on channel 3 (Dutch Television) or check it here

The teams: Saar Koningsberger, Sarah Chronis, Jim Taihuttu, Thom van der Veen, Ron Simpson and Maarten Boer


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