Profile: Claire

Name: Claire Timmermans
Age: 27
Profession: Account manager at Spice PR and part of DJ duo Claire & Sheila Hill
Hotspot: Mazzo, Struik
Best buy: Leather Acne jacket
Worst buy: A sweater by Blue Blood
Saving money for: A Saumur Louis Vuitton bag
Favorite fashion brand: I have a couple… SuperTrash, Monki, Ready To Fish, Acne, Surface to air, Won Hundred
Favorite store: The shops of my favorite brands
Favorite movie: American beauty
Favorite song: Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere, just made a mix of this song with Sheila and Max 😉
Last received text message: Lief!! Bedankt voor het regelen van een topdag! Was weer fantastisch, thanxx
In 5 years I am: I’m doing what I’m doing right now, surrounded by the same people… I’m having so much fun right now
Quote: “The healthiest response to life is joy” Deepak Chopra

Orange Jacket – Ready To Fish . Stripe TShirt – Monki . Leather Shorts – Monki . Panther Print Shoes – Supertrash . Red Sweater – Surface To Air . Black Hat – HUGO . Fur Bag – Boss Black. Grey Shorts – Filippa K . Leather Jacket – Acne . Shirt – Won Hundred . Black Jeans – Supertrash . High Heels – Acne . Handbag – Chanel . Sweater – Sam Friday . Ice Cream – FROZZ


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