Winter where are you?

I’m really getting confused of the weather in Holland right now! Please weather Gods… make up your mind! When you think you need to dress up warm its freakin’ hot… When you put on a t-shirt you’ll freez your ass off! I was kinda looking forward to the cold season because my wardrobe was already winter-proof!! Hope I can put on these Samsoe & Samsoe hicking boots pretty soon… Have a nice Sunday!


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  1. diana

    haha true true…the weather keeps on playing with us…but i have to say that i do not mind the warm days…for some reason i am still not mentally ready for those cold winter days:D…
    btw the boots are awesome!!!!

  2. Rick

    Nice shoes! I’m ready for winter too, because you can do more with layering.

    I’m a beginner with blogging, but I like your lay out! Really nice.