A moment with Kelly Cutrone

This week one of the most famous (fashion) PR-ladies Kelly Cutrone was in Amsterdam to speak at TedX Women. Being in the PR-industry myself, I was very excited to meet this inspiring woman. She is the owner of powerhouse PR agency People’s Revolution and writer of bestsellers ‘If you have to cry, go outside’ and ‘Normal gets you nowhere’. While K. of TheDigitalistas.com interviewed Kelly, I was there taking pictures and listening to her words of wisdom! Thank you!

“Good PR is like poetry. More people can be affected by your communication. The selfish, intellectual poet only targets the people that want to hear his words, and he alienates the rest.” – Kelly Cutrone

Buy Kelly’s bestsellers here: ‘If you have to cry, go outside’ and ‘Normal gets you nowhere’.


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  1. Robine

    Wow, Leroi! Wat ontzettend gaaf dat je haar hebt mogen ontmoeten… Vond haar speech bij TedX women gisteren erg inspirerend en hilarisch 🙂 Leuke foto ook die met jullie samen.