Hello Tokyo

I’ve pretty much been offline the last couple of days… why? Because I’m in freakin’ Tokyo!!!!!! I’ll be back with the full story later on… But here’s already a snapshot from one of the busiest squares in the world… Shibuya! Hijō ni kōsoku ni!


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  1. Michael

    Hey there Leroy Awsome man! Have fun & come on by when your back from Japan! I have one small strange question…? are you attending the Japanese fashion week there. Is that going on now is that why your there?

    All my best Michael.

    1. LEROI Post author

      Hey Mike… thanks for the comment.. No I’m just here for a holiday and some shopping… 🙂 I saw on twitter some bloggers are here but haven’t seen much of them around town. See you soon!

  2. emilie

    OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! ik kan t gewoon niet geloven dat jij daar nu zit…en ik niet! dude PLEAAASE meer pics!!xx