Young Hannibal Lecter and Chanel

For a couple of days I wanted to watch a movie from my DVD collection but before the movie reaches the end I was already snorring on the couch. This happened like three days in a row until I came to realise that I watched my DVD’s too often. I was bored because I knew every sentence of a couple and what would happen in almost every scene and minute (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Bourn Trilogy etc). So yesterday evening this movie ‘Rise of Hannibal’ was on television. Since ‘Silence of the Lamb was THE movie’ everyone remembers… Rise of Hannibal kind of slipt my mind, it was such a good dark movie and I wondered what had happened with the creepy maincharacter the young Hannibal Lecter (Gaspard Ulliel) who portrayed the legendary cannibal brilliantly.. Until I googled him last night and guess what, this French actor was on the cover of French Vogue with Doutzen Kroes and is the face for the Chanel ad for their perfume Bleu de Chanel ‘ Be unexpected’, the one we see on Dutch television every single day… From a cannibal to a Chanel model… Strange combo… But hey, what’s new today?


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  1. Roel Ackerman

    Another fashionfact: Did you know that the clothing in the movie has been provided by Fendi?