When Hong Kong is a Woman

One of my favorite cities in the world is has the lead role in the first ever to be published short film of Louis Vuitton…When Hong Kong is a Woman, stars eight Hong Kong women who work in various fields, spanning arts and culture to business. This includes Grace Huang (actress), Cara G (model), Marisa Yiu (architect), Dee Poon (entrepreneur), Janice Wong (journalist), Rosey Chan (composer), Aline Kittiphanh (student) and Lok Wai Ching (actress). The two-minute film starts in Hong Kong to highlight the importance of Asia to the luxury brand. Directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut, it can be seen at the brand’s online magazine, New, Now, and its YouTube channel.

It has a similar tone to Miu Miu’s The Women’s Tales, which explores a feminine love affair with the Italian brand, the Louis Vuitton offering uses gender as “a lens to capture each city’s identity”. The next city to be featured will be Los Angeles.



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