The Panda Show for Nicola Formichetti

Remember graphic designer Viola of one of my earlier profiles? She and her business partner have custom-tailored this playfull application for none other than the biggest panda lover in the world, Nicola Formichetti (Vogue Hommes Japan, Mugler, Lady Gaga, V Magazine, Uniqlo)… Just to make his Panda Family grow… Yes! There can never be enough pandas! The Panda Show is a webcam application which enables you to make pictures of yourself with a panda mask. Check out how you can get pandatized just like Nicola Formichetti…

Download the app here

Before you use this app make sure you have good lighting otherwise ghost bunnies will freak you out. Make sure you turn of any software that uses the camera on your computer (photo booth, Skype, etc.) If you are a Mac user you should be able to use both versions of the app. Unfortunately PC version is not available yet. All of your photos will be saved in the data folder.


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