Profile: Ici

Name: Ici Sans Merci
Profession: DJ/ Producer
Hotspot: Amsterdam Nightlife
Best Buy: Turn Tables
Worst Buy: A brand new bike in Amsterdam
Saving Money for: Spending it all
Favorite Brand: EnD by Eva and Delia
Favorite Store: Velour Amsterdam

Favorite Movie: Un Prophet
Favorite Song: Signatune – Dj Mehdi
Last received Textmessage: Yo Ici where’s the Party?
In 5 years I am: Traveling the world with my music
Quote: “Music is the Answer”

Check out DJ Ici Sans Merci’s music on Soundcloud

Chino – Velour | Jacket – Outland | Shirt – River Island | Sneakers – Converse | Jeans – Cheap Monday | Denim shirt – Vintage | Vest – Vintage | Sneakers – Pony


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