Roland Garros Paris

Last week I had the chance to visit Paris and Epernay for a very very very exciting press trip organized by Moët & Chandon. As one of the biggest sponsors of Tennis Tournament Roland Garros they invited a couple of journalists and bloggers to visit the Moët & Chandon HQ and castle in Epernay… (a 2 hour drive from Paris). We had dinner at Chateau Saran (the old hunting lodge of the Moët & Chandon family), where none other than Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kanye West stayed for a couple of nights full of champagne. We stayed at this very cozy hotel in the very middle of nowhere, only landscapes and small roads. It was like I’ve landed in an old French movie…

The next day I’ve experienced probably one of the coolest things ever… attending a tennis match live (not just a tennis match… it was at freakin’ Roland Garros), with only the a-list players. The game really takes you into the zone and you’ll follow the neon yellow ball everywhere. We’ve watched sets by Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. It was something I’d never thought I would do… Now I can check it off on my Bucket List.

After the game we checked in at our hotel (West In Paris) and had dinner at Restaurant George on top of the Centre Pompidou. We ended up at Hotel Costes for some spicy Cocktails. I’m planning on going to Paris again in August… I was always a London guy, but I’m loving Paris more and more…

Images Leetography, Anna Nooshin


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