The Beatles On The Road

Photojournalist Harry Benson presented his book The Beatles On The Road 1964 -1966 at the TASCHEN store in Amsterdam. The book is about the time he spent with the legendary band and the pictures taken. When asked (at the press presentation) what Benson thought about photography nowadays, with Instagram and Photoshop, he answered “I love it, it’s great to see people being creative with photography that way. I’m happy to see people getting more interested in photography thanks to technology.” What a guy! This exclusive limited summary of the Beatles by Benson is available at the TASCHEN Stores…

The Beatles
During the 60’s Harry went on tour with the Beatles to capture every bit of Beatlemania on film. Together with TASCHEN the photographer published his work in a beautiful book, containing famous shots such as the pillow fight in the George V hotel in Paris.

The Tour
Harry’s visit to Amsterdam was part of his world signing tour at TASCHEN stores in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

The Photographer
Glasgow-born Harry Benson has photographed every US President since Eisenhower, the Civil Rights movement, and was next to Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated. As well as The Beatles, he has shot some of the biggest personalities of the last 50 years, including Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Her Majesty The Queen. In 2009, he was made Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

Limited Edition: 1964 copies

€ 500,-


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