Do one thing well

I’m very excited about the first instalment of the Ketel One ‘Do One Thing Well’ craft collaboration, CC#1, with experiential street artist INSA displaying his craft at Roest, Amsterdam until May 2013. The world is full of people wanting to make their mark, but the ones who really stand out are the ones who find what they love and do it as well as they possibly can. Inspired by Ketel One’s own dedicated approach and passion to create the world’s leading high-quality crafted vodka, Do One Thing Well celebrates the passion and skill required to achieve success in a discipline. Like Ketel One, INSA has a bold vision and reputation for not doing things by the book. Always keen to push boundaries and take himself further, INSA is the perfect embodiment of ‘Do One Thing Well’. And Roest is the perfect location for this cool exhibition!

Want more information or visit this exhibition? Check out here!!! Also check out this teaser video, just to see what to expect 😉


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