Did we miss the point of Kanye’s Bound 2 video?

I have to admit, I’m not a big Kanye fan. And after his tirade on BBC I even thought the guy was a bit crazy! But when he came out with the Bound 2 video my sympathy for him grew a bit, because the video was just simple! Weird, but simple. You could see he was in love with Kim. Can’t blame a guy for being in love with Kim Kardashian right? People fell over the cheesy nineties background and the (fake) tantric sex performance on the motorcycle. But after claiming that he is the greatest rapper / genius / God / Jezus of all time, I thought the video wasn’t that good. What’s the point of this video? Yeah, to have people around the world talking about his raunchy video with his soon-to-be wife! I couldn’t imagine a genius doing such a clip and just leave it like that. There must be something else! An editor at Sabotagetimes.com, Hari Sethi, made an analysis about of the Bound 2 video and I think he might be right about it! Read it here.

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